The OPC places a large degree of importance on the youth of the congregation and over the years has provided a variety of activities.  There are a number of youth groups associated with the OPC providing a wide range of activities for the youth of the congregation and the community.

Uniformed Organisations

The Boys’ BrigadeBoys Brigade
The OPC is host to the 1st Fraserburgh Boys’ Brigade. Within the 1st company we have three different sections catering to different age groups and an award winning bugle band. The Anchor Boys (6-30pm -7-45pm) Primary’s (1-3), Junior Section (6-30-8pm) Primary’s (4-6), both meet on Tuesdays in the centre, while the Company/Senior Section meet on Friday evenings, (7- 9.30pm) Primary   ( 7- age 19) .

The 1st Fraserburgh strives for excellence amongst its boys and comprehensive badge work courses are maintained to ensure that every boy earns his awards fairly. Almost every year we have candidates put forward for the Queen’s Badge, the highest achievement awarded in the Boys’ Brigade.

Bugle Band practice on Wednesdays 5-45- 7 pm.

                                                                                                        The Girls’ Brigade  Girls Brigade             The OPC is also host to the 2nd Fraserburgh Girls’ Brigade, which aims to help and encourage girls and women towards a Christian commitment.       Constructive programmes are offered to members promoting self control,       everence and a  sense of responsibility. Their motto is to seek, serve and follow Christ.                                                                                                            They are divided into four sections                                                                           Rosebuds, Explorers, Juniors and Brigaders.                                                                                   All meet on a Thursday at the Church Centre at 6.30pm

   Girl GuidesGuides                                                                                                                  The 3rd Fraserburgh Guide company meet in the                                                   church centre on a Monday night.                                                                               They are divided into four sections                                                                                                   Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Senior Section.

 Youth Organisations

                                                                                                AK (Auld Kirk) Club  AK Club        
A new title for the old ‘Sunday School’ which takes place between 11a.m.  and 12.15p.m. each Sunday at the church centre in Barrasgate Road.  The different age groups within the Sunday club are identified with  the names Pebbles, Rocks, Stones and Boulders. Every month there is a family service at the church in which the children participate.


CovenantersThe Covenanters
Covenanters is our Sunday evening youth group for age twelve years and upwards. The aim is to reach young people by offering an exciting attractive programme of teaching, worship, activity, fun, and fellowship to lead them to a knowledge and love for the Lord, to serve their church, and to prepare them for full adult membership. The covenanters meet at 7:15pm on Sunday evenings in the church centre.

                                                                                                                       Badminton Club      Badminton Club                                      The Junior Badminton Club (12+) meets on  Wednesday                                                            evening’s in the Church Centre hall, 7- 10pm